We offer comprehensive logistics services
in order to satisfy customers' needs.

Providing products, services and information from a foreign supply
source to a domestic retail store even more swiftly and reliably.

About Us

Message from President
Message from President
“Creating future by acting major role in connecting society”

Takasue group, which started business with two horse wagons in 1902, have tried the best to improve logistical service quality to the highest, and always satisfied our customers’ various needs.

Consequently, the range of our services has expanded from trucking business to operating distribution centers, on-site contract manufacturing services, dispatching logistics engineers, providing customs brokerage services, and international 3PL(third-party logistics) services.

We believe that new connections over the boundaries between companies and industries are needed more than ever to deal with drastically changing era including like SDGs and labor shortages. In addition, we believe that we can contribute to solve them from the experiences gained so far.

As a professional logistics company, we set a goal to create the future where everyone can have hope and try to solve social issues interacting with people and companies connected with us.

Tetsuro Takamura
President & CEO

Corporate Profile

Group core company Takasue Holdings Corporation
4-26, Yokota 2-chome, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 456-0022 Japan
Founded December 1902
Capital 98,000,000 Yen
President & CEO Tetsuro Takamura
Group companies Takasue Corporation
Techno Corporation
Takasue Transport Corporation
Group business services General truck freight transportation
Specified truck freight transportation
Mixed freight transportation
Supply-demand of truck and loads matching management
Real estate transactions, leasing, brokering, consulting and management
Warehousing (bonded & non-bonded)
Laborer loan agency
Driving management, vehicle inspection and maintenance
Customs brokerage
Group highlights (as of Feb 2023) Number of employee = 628
Own vehicle fleet = 310trucks, 154forklifts

Corporate History

Founder Suematsu Takamura started running two carriages.
Entered into trucking business as Takamura-gumi.
Changed company name to Takasue Corporation.
Built the new headquarters building in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya.
Established Japan Logistics Consultants Corporation.
Established Techno Corporation.
Separated the trucking division as Takasue Express Corporation.
Established Tokai Container Transport Co., Ltd. as the joint venture with Suzue Corporation.
Established Takasue Transport Corporation as the joint venture with Japan Transcity Corporation.
Reorganized Takasue Corporation Group in Japan.
-Split Takasue Corporation into “Takasue Holdings Corporation” and “Takasue Corporation”.
-Combined “Takasue Corporation”, “Takasue Express Corporation” and “Japan Logistics Consultants Corporation” into one corporation named “Takasue Corporation”.


Land transportation
Delivering the right product to the right place at the right time. Takasue group perform just-in-time transportation and delivery services faithfully based on the principles of safety, reliability and speed. We start with those principles. We have a delivery network of our own made up of more than 50 logistics bases throughout the Central Japan region, and outside of this area.
We have built consolidation services, so-called "Takasue Lot" through partnerships with other companies.
Distribution center
Takasue group optimize the whole logistic process starting from filling/packaging the product at the origins, transferring to distribution centers, short term storing and finally delivering to final retailers.
We develop 3PL information system to meet our clients' needs including order process capabilities. We repeat as necessary to undertake the optimum inventory, replenishment needs and allocation for our clients.
In addition, we prepare management reports for constant review and improvement of the supply chain.
On-site plant service & dispatch engineer
Takasue group help improve clients' productivity in their plants by means of such services as the transportation of raw materials, intermediate materials, as well as line operations, process control and warehouse management.
We provide high-quality and high-efficiency operations support by fully utilizing the operational technology and expertise that we have accumulated over many years. We always seek to strengthen our clients' competitiveness.
Customs clearance & Import/Export forwarding service
Takasue group offer a comprehensive range of value-added logistics services for import and export shipment forwarding with our own customs broker licenses.
We ensure a smooth shipment for all clients' cargo, making quick handling of import/export procedures, document preparation and fleet arrangement.
Forwarding agency service
As forwarding agent, Takasue group with experienced staff are capable of offering H.B/L agency service to foreign independent agents.
We can offer all the usual services, such as, to send arrival notice to importer, to collect original B/L and any ocean freight and charges due, to send collected funds to you after collection, to pay any funds required by the line on their behalf, and so on.

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